Erin Reagan

Erin Reagan

He lives in New Hyde Park together with his wife, Sheila , has a son Brendan, and, according to the certificates in his workplace, is a graduate of New York University. In “Flags of Our Fathers”, Gormley mentions that he is a veteran, and that he misplaced a grandfather and two uncles in the service. In season eight, Peterson returns as the Corporation Counsel of New York City. The Governor of New York, recognized for his thin pores and skin, which Frank describes as “thinner skin than a grape”, and tendency to “overreach”. The Speaker of the New York City Council, portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg.

Upon Jamie’s promotion to Sergeant, he’s transferred to the 29th Precinct. During his first yr on the job, Jamie was the one who continued Joe Reagan’s investigation into the Blue Templar. In season two, he takes advantage of a chance opportunity to go undercover in the Sanfino crime household.

Bridget Moynahan: Erin Reagan

When pressed, Jamie informs his father that he is happy where he’s in his profession and does not necessarily want one other project. In that same episode, it’s mentioned that Jamie is the only NYPD employee with a Harvard Law diploma that walks a beat. However, after a life-threatening situation in the season 8 finale, Jamie and Eddie absolutely accepted their emotions and obtained engaged. When they introduced their engagement to the Reagan household, Frank offered Eddie her selection of a new precinct project. However, Jamie identified that there isn’t a precise regulation prohibiting married NYPD officers from being partnered on the job.

erin reagan

During his time in the Marines, Danny was embellished for heroism. John McKenna – An NYPD officer who was with Frank throughout 9-11 who later received sick and died from illness he was exposed to during the assaults. Jimmy Burke – Frank’s associate while stationed on the 27th Precinct who took a bullet for him. He was ultimately promoted to Inspector and positioned in control of the 15th Precinct. While up for a promotion to Deputy Chief because the Deputy Commander of Patrol Borough Manhattan South, it was revealed that he had been cooking the books for his precinct’s CompStats. Frank allowed him to retire rather than face demotion to Captain and reassignment to the 128th Precinct in Staten Island.

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